Courses and counselling

As a parent or a teen you may feel you need a little more help. We can signpost some possible places to go:

For a helpline for Muslim youth seeking help and advice please visit Muslim Youth Helpline . You can chat by text to one of the helpers every evening between 4pm and 10 pm. This is a free service.

For developing a love of Islam and understanding how you can be comfortably Muslim and British you may want to attend online classes with other students your age. Tazkiyah Academy offer lessons to help nurture teens through difficult times. These are charged at £10 per hour.

For specific advice from parents or teens relating to Islam please email: Your question will be answered by people of knowledge. This is a free service.

Counselling is another important service to consider. Counselling is an excellent way to get your thoughts in order. You may prefer to go to a Muslim counsellor (Sr Gehad Mursi- 07415008838) or a non-Muslim counsellor or you may not mind. You can expect to pay between £40-£60 per hour for a registered counsellor.